The filing of the May primaries ended Friday noon.

Here is the final list of candidates who filed, according to the Kosciusko County Clerk’s Office.

County offices


– Gail Chapman, Warsaw, Republican


– Rhonda J. Helser, Warsaw, Republican

– Chasity Sandy, Warsaw, Republican

Commissioner, Southern District

– Elaine Kokenge, Warsaw, Republican

– Robert “Bob” Conley, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Don Wiesehan Jr., Mentone, Republican

– Brian D. Pyle, Mentone, Republican

County Council, District 1

– Kimberly Cates, Syracuse, Republican, outgoing

– Todd O. Davis, Leesburg, Republican

County Council, District 2

– Michael W. Long, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

County Council, District 3

– Antony “Tony” Ciriello, Lake Winona, Republican

– Scott Clay, Warsaw, Republican

– Joshua Lozano, Warsaw, Republican

County Council, District 4

– David A. Wolkins, Warsaw, Republican


– Teena Pence, Warsaw, Republican

– Deborah “Deb” Wright, Warsaw, Republican


– Kyle P. Dukes, Milford, Republican, incumbent

– James M. “Jim” Smith, Warsaw, Republican


Milford Town Council

– Robert C. Cockburn, Milford, Republican, incumbent

– Douglas Ruch, Milford, Republican, incumbent

– Kenneth L. Long, Milford, Republican, incumbent

Milford Town Clerk

– Patricia Gall, Milford, Republican, outgoing

Syracuse City Hall

– Larry Siegel, Syracuse, Republican, incumbent

Syracuse City Council, District 2

– Paul Stoelting, Syracuse, Republican, incumbent

– Matthew M. Goodnight, Syracuse, Republican

Winona Lake Council, District 3

– Jim Lancaster, Winona Lake, Republican, incumbent

Winona Lake Council, District 5

– Rick Swaim, Winona Lake, Republican, incumbent


Clay Township Trustee

– Helen Brown, Claypool, Republican, outgoing

Clay Township Council

– Donald L. Morris, Claypool, Republican, incumbent

– Daniel Willis, Claypool, Republican, incumbent

– Dan Ransbottom, Claypool, Republican, incumbent

Administrator of the Etna canton

– Rita F. Anglin, Etna Green, Republican, outgoing

Etna City Council

– Steven L. “Steve” Sechrist, Etna Green, Republican, incumbent

– Joe R. Mooney, Etna Green, Republican, incumbent

– Anthony “Tony” Tribalski, Etna Green, Republican, incumbent

Franklin Township Administrator

– Mélanie Vanlaningham, Mentone, Republican

– Ashley N. Gearhart, Akron, Republican

Franklin Township Council

– James Eads, Mentone, Republican, outgoing

– Kayla Leininger, Akron, Republican, outgoing

Harrison Township Administrator

– Tracy L. Moyer, Atwood, Republican, outgoing

Harrison Township Council

– Steve Sponseller, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– John E. Hart, Mentone, Republican, incumbent

Jackson Township Administrator

– Gwendolyn L. Ostrom, Claypool, Republican, incumbent

Jackson Township Council

– Debbie L. Wilcoxson, Pierceton, Republican, incumbent

– Cody Metzger, Claypool, Republican

– Jill L. Slater, Claypool, Republican, incumbent

– Stanley Moore, North Manchester, Democrat

Jefferson Township Administrator

– Beth Krull, Milford, Republican, incumbent

Jefferson Township Council

– Robert L. Riley, Nappanee, Republican, incumbent

– Lori Harman, Leesburg, Republican

– Jane Hunsberger, Milford, Republican, outgoing

Lake Township Council

– Molly Bradford, Silver Lake, Republican, outgoing

– Wayne Spratt, Silver Lake, Republican, incumbent

– Kathleen Lokotar, Silver Lake, Republican, outgoing

– Ann Sibray, Silver Lake, Democrat, incumbent

Monroe Township Administrator

– Jon Engelhaupt, Warsaw, Republican

– Stephanie Cloud, Pierceton, Republican, outgoing

Monroe Township Council

– Donald L. Ellison, Pierceton, Republican, incumbent

– Sonya Hathaway, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Patrick Landrigan, Pierceton, Republican, incumbent

Plain Township Trustee

– Tyler Huffer, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Craig Charlton, Leesburg, Republican

Plain Township Council

– Larry Kammerer, Leesburg, Republican, incumbent

– Greg Anderson, Leesburg, Republican

– Robert W. Bishop, Leesburg, Republican, incumbent

– Jamie B. Pass, Leesburg, Republican

Administrator of the Township of Prairies

– Julia A. Goon, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

Prairie Townships Council

– Connie Himes, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Lila Christner Thompson, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Gordon Drake, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

Scott Township Trustee

– Richard Stutzman, Nappanee, Republican

Scott Township Council

– John Dougherty, Nappanee, Republican, incumbent

– John Mast, Nappanee, Republican, incumbent

– Tim Stankovich, Nappanee, Republican

Seward Township Administrator

– Likes Hoffman, Claypool, Republican, Outgoing

Seward Township Council

– Matt Smith, Akron, Republican, incumbent

– Bruce Lankenau, Claypool, Republican, incumbent

– Kevin Hohman, Silver Lake, Republican, incumbent

Tippecanoe Township Administrator

– Christopher Francis, North Webster, Republican, incumbent

Tippecanoe Township Council

– James M. “Jim” Rhodes, North Webster, Republican, incumbent

– Edwin “Ed” Clayton, North Webster, Republican, incumbent

– Mark Lawson, Leesburg, Republican

Turkey Creek Township Administrator

– Joe Cazier, Syracuse, Republican

Turkey Creek Township Council

– Dennis R. Darr, Syracuse, Republican, incumbent

– John D. Heckaman, Syracuse, Republican, incumbent

Administrator of the canton of Van Buren

– Diane Perry, Milford, Republican

Van Buren Township Council

– Robert L. Beer, Milford, Republican, incumbent

– Shane Bucher, Milford, Republican, incumbent

– Stephen F. Unruh, Milford, Republican, incumbent

Washington Township Administrator

– Dean Rhoades, Pierceton, Republican, incumbent

Washington Township Council

– John B. Camden II, Pierceton, Republican

– Brian Bidwell, Pierceton, Republican, incumbent

– Roger S. Thomas, Pierceton, Republican, incumbent

Wayne Township Trustee

– Jeanie Stackhouse, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

Wayne Township Council

– Lance Grubbs, Warsaw, Republican

– Gaynor Worden, Warsaw, Democrat

– Gordon Nash, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Joshua Spangle, Warsaw, Republican, outgoing

– Letrecia “Trish” Brown, Warsaw, Republican