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Slane offers you the possibility to compare providers of corporate loans quickly and easily. As an independent entrepreneur, you naturally want to borrow as cheaply as possible. What conditions must you meet to be eligible for a loan as a self-employed person? What are the interest rates and additional costs? On this website, you can see in one overview the best known and most reliable providers for business credit for your company. Compare corporate loans based on the lowest interest rate.

Check out the best payday advance loans online

There are numerous providers for payday advance loans online, you can try Slane helps you as a consumer find a loan that meets your needs. We have created a clear overview of all providers so that you can take out a payday advance online quickly and easily.

Borrow business money without BKR review

If you want to take out a loan independently, then almost always a check is made by the Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel. This BKR test is used to assess whether it is justified to grant you a loan. With a negative registration, your request may be rejected. All loans and financial obligations are registered here, recently also a subscription for a mobile phone if the monthly amount is above a certain maximum. In the case of business loans, a BKR assessment is not an issue in many cases. After all, this is business credit and these are not specifically listed with the BKR. It is, therefore, possible to borrow business money without a BKR.

The risks: Borrowing money as a self-employed person can entail risks if you already have the necessary debts or financial obligations in private. If you cannot repay your business loan, your private assets and assets are often called upon. If you have received a loan without a BKR assessment and you are unable to meet your repayment obligations, this can have unpleasant consequences, such as the forced sale of your home or other movable and immovable property. So always think carefully before entering into a loan agreement for your company.

Business credit without annual figures

If you want to take out a business loan independently for the financing of company equipment or for any other necessary financing, it is usually necessary to submit your annual figures. Many lenders want to be able to assess whether you have enough turnover to qualify for a loan. In addition, many loans are subject to the condition that you are “in business” for a minimum period of 1 or 2 years. You can also prove the latter without financial figures, namely by registering with the Chamber of Commerce. Sometimes it is difficult to provide annual figures or even impossible. Then a loan for which this is not required is, of course, a solution.

Starting entrepreneur

If you are a starting entrepreneur and therefore have not been in business for a year or more, then naturally you cannot provide annual figures, at most a forecast of the expected operating result. In such a case, as a starter, you cannot borrow money from many providers for business credit because they want to see annual figures to assess your creditworthiness. Fortunately, there are also lenders who want to give you a loan without providing you with annual figures. This is a solution for starting entrepreneurs who need capital to get their business off the ground. If you have a good plan and there is potential for a healthy company, you can find financing for your company in many cases. Despite the fact that you cannot yet submit annual accounts and have not been in business for years, it is often possible to borrow money without annual figures.