Current Comparison of Mortgages on the Czech Market



There are dozens of mortgages on the Czech market. It is not just one type, but several types of this financial product. In the following lines we will compare the bank and non-bank mortgages with the mortgage, which you can arrange with the help of Oberon. You won’t find such a comparison elsewhere!


Bank mortgages


Bank mortgages


And we start with mortgages from the banking sector. You can arrange a mortgage in virtually every bigger bank. Only a few do not offer this option.

The conditions for obtaining a mortgage are very strict in the bank. It is regulated by the New Consumer Credit Act . You can only get it to 80% of the estimated property price, in most cases up to 30 to 45 years. The interest rate on bank mortgages is currently around 3% pa ​​and you can fix this interest for one, three, five or even ten years.

Non-bank mortgages


Even with non-banks, you will encounter a mortgage, but they usually differ significantly from those of banks. They may have higher interest rates, less stringent conditions to obtain or longer fixation times. Moreover, in most cases it is not a classic mortgage, but a so-called American mortgage.

It is different from the classical one. You can arrange it for anything but a lower amount. A maximum of 75% of the value of a mortgaged property can be financed by a mortgage. The American Mortgage is   you must reconcile with a higher interest rate, a higher APR, and therefore a higher overpaid amount .

Mortgage from Oberon

Mortgage from Oberon

And what is the Oberon mortgage? The mortgage, which is mediated by Oberon, is the so-called Mortgage for Anything .

The amount of the mortgage that Oberon will provide you with one of several creditors is, just as in a bank, limited by the value of the mortgaged property. However, the owner of the property may be a third party, such as your relative, parent or friend. The maturity of this mortgage is up to 30 years. Again, this number is comparable to a bank mortgage.


Conditions for obtaining a mortgage through Oberon


The conditions for approving a mortgage application submitted by Oberon are not as strict as in a bank, and each application is judged entirely individually . So even if you refused the application at the bank, it can be approved by Oberon. In addition, applications are often approved without a register or with execution . This makes the Oberon mortgage significantly different.

Advantages of a mortgage through Oberon


With the entire loan negotiation process, Oberon will help you completely and help you. The advantage is that you do not have to bypass your banking and non-bank branches yourself, but just contact Oberon and it will solve everything for you.

In addition, Oberon does not take any commission or entry fees. And if you miss some money, you can borrow them again through Oberon in the form of a classic loan.

So if you want your own home, but do not have enough money for it, try a mortgage negotiated through Oberon. It is more friendly than a mortgage in a bank and more advantageous than a mortgage from a private company.